1803 Japanese drone Utsuro Bune! Over 200 year old drawings of a UFO

There are parts of our history as humanity, that many people cannot explain or even comprehend. There are many instances of things being found throughout history, like this 1803 Japanese drone Utsuro Bune, Over 200 year old drawings of a UFO. These are the types of drawings that people in our day and age can only speculate at to try and decipher what these drawings actually were representing in real life. In this case, these are drawings from a Japanese book, and depict a person standing with a box that seems like it is being very guarded. This picture depicts the legend of a woman who emerged from a space ship that flew out of the ocean, known as the Hyouryuukishuu or the 'tale of the castaways'.

The ship was made from red sandalwood and had crystal windows, and there were markings in another language carved into the sides of the ship, symbols that the Japanese people at this time, could not understand. The craft was 3 by 5 meters in size and you can see the drawings in the article in reference to the legend and see what they said it looked like. Once they went aboard the ship, the young lady who looked to be around 18, had this box that she kept very guarded, and she spoke in a language that none of the people could understand. She had red hair, and was very differently dressed than the people of that time. You can see for yourself some of the symbols and the interpretation of the woman that the people form that time drew.

Very interesting indeed. If you watch shows like ancient aliens, you may have already seen things like this, where ancient cultures have depicted seeing space crafts, and extraterrestrials. It is very similar in nature to that. What they always conclude is that it must be extraterrestrials and that these beings have been visiting us since the beginning of our Earth. The thing is, we have to realize is that there are many many other civilizations in our universe, and it would be naive of people to think that with that many different places, there is nothing else outside there but us. It is not so much preparing people, as it is helping people to accept that there is, in fact, extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. People in the mainstream of society though, will often need some kind of proof to prove to themselves and others that some thing like this could be true. Humans have a funny way of trying to rationalize everything, so that it makes sense, and people also, in turn, tend to fear what they don't understand.

But whether people like it or not, these beings exist and they have always been trying to make contact with us. They always will be trying to make contact with us, because we are all a part of the same universe. We all share the cosmos as our back yard. The more time goes on, I think people will accept these things more.

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