276sf Tiny House Built for a Not-So-Tiny 610 Retired Basketball Player

Building a tiny house on wheels for a tall person may sound impossible. All of the ceilings in most small house designs are 6 feet tall under the loft areas after all. So you would think that small house living might be off limits to taller people, but that's definitely not the case. This 276 square foot tiny house on wheels was built for NBA basketball player Matt Bonner who's six foot ten and his wife. They called their small house design The Cabin, and it was built by the creative team on Tiny House Nation. This shows us that you can live comfortably in a tiny house on wheels even if you're not a small person. That's the great thing about small house design; you can make it suit your lifestyle and your needs. You can modify pretty much anything including height. There are also small house designs that are built to accommodate people in wheelchairs or those with mobility issues. Since many older people are choosing small house living, there are more tiny houses that are built with their needs in mind. So there are would be no lofts and railings to help them get around the home.

The exterior of The Cabin is very inviting, and it totally looks and feels like a cabin in the woods. They went with wooden siding on the exterior and metal roofing on the outside and a lot of wood on the inside as well to have that wood cabin feel. Many tiny houses are finished with either wooden or metal siding because these are the types of finishes that will last the longest and stand up to all types of weather. Plus, they look great too. This small house design also features a tiny wood burning fireplace with a TV above it. Choosing a wood burning fireplace is an excellent option for a tiny house especially if you know you want to live off the grid. You can also supplement with other forms of heat like electric or propane, but wood is great because it will usually be very cost effective. The small house design features a kitchenette that shares space with the living room. In the kitchen, there is a mini bar fridge and a sink with a countertop range for cooking. Since this may not be their full-time residence and just a travel home, it will be okay that there are fewer amenities than a regular home. The bathroom is beautifully finished with wood and then tile in the shower area, and it even has a flush toilet. The bathroom in a tiny house is where you can have a lot of fun with tiles and hardware; you can even paint it a fun colour.

One of the things that the builders found tricky as you will see in the video from Tiny House Nation is the bed. They made sure to implement a footrest at the end of the bed for Matt's height, and it tucks away when it's not in use so that they can walk around in the bedroom. The bedroom is also on the main floor of the tiny house which makes small house living even more approachable. Many people don't like the idea of having to climb a ladder or stairs get in and out of bed. This small house design does have a loft, but it's made for storage or another sleeping area. If you have been thinking about building a tiny house on wheels of your own check out this great design that is suited for taller people. It may just be the inspiration you've been looking for.***

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