A tiny house with a separate bedroom that also turns into a workspace - perfect for couples!

If working from home has always been your dream this tiny house design has everything you need to get started. This tiny house design has a separate bedroom that also turns into a workspace. The price for this tiny house design is $69,500, for the 280-square-foot Indigo tiny house from Driftwood Homes USA. The tiny house interior design allows couples a bit of privacy with a separate bedroom at the back, in addition to a loft bedroom for any guests. In this tiny house design, the Murphy bed in the bedroom converts into a bar workspace for two.

On the site, you will find other tiny house designs, each with unique qualities of their own. One of the tiny house designs includes twin tiny home designs so you can live and have enough space to get some privacy. Not everyone likes the idea of tiny house living, and this twin tiny home design is the perfect place just for that. The pair of Zen Houses by Petr Stoln Architekt is a nice compromise. The two 10-foot-wide tiny house designs include a living space in one of the homes and a two-story workspace in the other. The tiny house design also has a small outdoor lounge in between. That gives a lot of options for both together and alone time when living with someone else. In the gallery of tiny home designs, you will also find a tiny house design that has a built-in rock-climbing wall. This custom tiny house design by Tiny Heirloom is perfect for rock-climbing homeowners Breck and Kelsey. Another benefit of this tiny house design is a garage-style door that opens the tiny home up to the outside.

You will want to take a look at the short video of a tiny house design escape in the Catskills. In this video, you will see two city kids take on a tiny cabin in a space comfortable enough for two. This rustic tiny home design has plenty of windows to let in natural light, with a loft and a lower bed that provides a cozy spot to read, sit on the computer or sleep. This tiny house design would make the perfect place to get away and relax in a natural location. Before you go out and buy a tiny home design, you want to first do your research and look at local laws for tiny homes. You will want to look into details like minimum square footage that designates a structure as a permanent home, as some places have a minimum size of home you may live in. You want to know if you can legally park your tiny home on wheels on the property you are thinking about. You also want to know if you can park your tiny home design in the location you have chosen without a permanent dwelling being present there, and whether or not you can make it your full-time home. You will also need to check into the accessory dwelling needs to be built on a permanent foundation. If you are not hooked into the existing sewage system, you will want to find out what the waste water (gray and black) laws are in the area.

These are just a few of the tiny house designs you will find on the Curbed site. On the site, you will find all sorts of things about architecture, tiny house interior design, tiny house designs, prefab, home tech and so much more. This site is a good place to find all sorts of tiny house designs and inspiration if a tiny home is something you are considering. **

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