Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Body Audience Reaction Mass UFO Sightings UFOs!

If you are into exploring the unknown and you are curious about the mysterious aspects of the universe then this article is for you. Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Body Audience Reaction Mass UFO Sightings UFOs! There are so many things that people are not able to explain in linear terms, there are many things that cannot be explained when we are tied to this third dimensional reality that limits time and space. There are other dimensions where these constrictions do not exist and beings can just travel around at will, with out any restrictions on time or space. But minds who cannot accept this, will still be limited by their beliefs. Sometimes it takes having an experience like this one, that can make you see things in such a different way than ever before, and your mind is stretched beyond what it believed before.

This is a great video from Third Phase of the Moon who have a You Tube channel where they share videos and information on extraterrestrials and UFOs. They went out in LA to meet up with some people who gathered in a group to see a UFO together. They showed the people there a video of a skeleton that most of the people said they believed to be a skull of an extraterrestrial. The people were all gathered there that day to witness some UFOs flying in the sky, and they even were able to get some footage of one on camera. It just looked like a little black cylinder flying across the sky, but it definitely looked like some kind of space craft.

Some people there were skeptical, but most were very open minded and had a lot to say about how they believe extraterrestrials do exist. One woman said she has even been aboard a ship. Others are just very excited to have contact with our universal family, our neighbours in the cosmos. They feel that the extraterrestrials can help us to be able to live a life with more peace and love, because that is what they do. Like the one man says, they don't like to see us watching videos of people killing people and they don't like the wars, they are past all of that and can help us to live a more balanced lifestyle.

They asked each person to say a message to the viewers, which I thought was really cool. Most of them said for people to open their hearts and their minds, and raise their consciousness so that we can be able to accept our galactic kin. They even had posters that they were giving out with a drawing that symbolizes love, peace and unity. There is so much that people don't understand, but if they were to open their hearts and their minds, they would see that there is absolutely nothing to fear. It is great that more and more people are becoming so open and that they are meeting in these groups. We are going through a paradigm shift right now and it is important to stay heart centred and open minded.

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