Expect LARGE Aliens, Says Scientist

Whether or not you believe in life on other planets, the evidence proving that there is, is becoming almost undeniable. But what kinds of beings can people expect to see? Expect large aliens, says s scientist in this article from OpenMinds UFO News and Invistagations. The thing is, we have to realize that our universe has more to it then only Earth and humans. There are many many other civilizations in our universe, and it would be naive of people to think that, with that many different places and planets in the universe, that there is nothing else out there but us. It is not so much preparing people, as it is helping people to accept that there is, in fact, extraterrestrial life out there in the universe. People in the mainstream of society though, will often need some kind of proof to prove to themselves and others that some thing like this could be true. Humans have a funny way of trying to rationalize everything, so that it makes sense, and people also, in turn, tend to fear what they don't understand.

Through some research, Fergus Simpson, who is a scientist at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences at the University of Barcelona, has come to the conclusion that he believes that aliens will be large. This is based on the principle that the organisms on these other planets follow the same scientific laws as those of Earth. Through this, he has come to offer his speculation that these beings would be around 650 pounds or so. That IS large!!! As interesting as it is, that he has figured this out, other scientists are saying that there is not enough concrete evidence to go from. These other Earth - like planets that have been discovered, are actually smaller than Earth. They are more like the size of Mars, in comparison. All of this is very interesting to find out, considering just 100 years ago, which is actually a small amount of time in the history of the planet and the universe, people still didn't even believe that humans of other races were as valuable as one certain race.

It is really interesting to read all of these different reports telling us these things. From what I have learned, there are different races of beings and different types of beings out in the universe, and that it is much like we have different races living on Earth. So it could be very possible for there to be extraterrestrials that are larger than humans. I just think, in a vast universe like this, anything is possible, and it doesn't take our acknowledgement to verify the existence of things. Things exists without people even knowing about them all the time! There is so much that people don't know about, that if they were to become aware of it all, all at once, it would probably overload their systems. So it is good to give people information in small doses like this.

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