Gorgeous Affordable Log Bungalow

If you want to build a cost-effective solid log house check out the log home kits from Blockhaus. These log home plans and designs are perfect for that smaller log house you've been dreaming of living in. Or, you could also build it as a lovely vacation cabin. If you had enough room on your property, you could also build a smaller log house from the company to use as a guest house or an office suite. This particular log house design is created only to have one level which is great for those who prefer not to have any stairs to climb. Perfect for those with children or those with reduced mobility. If you needed some extra space and didn't mind having a couple of levels, you could have your log house built on a basement foundation too. Although the foundation doesn't come with the log home kits from Blockhaus. You have to hire on someone to pour the foundation for you, or you could even try and learn how to do it yourself. The log home kit has proper insulation in the floor, walls and the ceiling so it would be set for any type of weather. The other nice thing about only having a single level home design to build is that you won't need as many materials to build it and it would easily be built without the need of a crane. You'll also save some money by not having to build stairs if you only have one level too.

Besides adding a basement foundation to your house, you could also consider adding a loft area if you didn't mind climbing a ladder. The log home kits for the Moritzburg I have up to 800 square feet of space while the log home plans and designs for the Moritzburg II have more than 800 square feet. So it all depends what you need and also what you want your log house to look like. There are a few other things that you have to consider when you're buying a log home kit besides the foundation. You will also have to consider the placement of your log house too. Since placement is so important for things like daily sun exposure and wind exposure it's important to spend some time on your property before you build, especially if it's a rural property where nothing is built yet. Many people will buy their land and then camp on it for a few years while they are saving up for their dream house and get to know their land and where they want to put their future home.

You can also bring a designer out to your property to see where they think your home would be best suited, or even a surveyor. They could walk around on the property with you and help you decide which place on your land would be best suited for a home build. When you choose the place to build your home, you will also need to put in roads to get to and from your log house. This is also very important for the construction crews as they work on building your house. If you don't already have water and electric on your property, you'll also have to have that installed as well which can be expensive, so it's best to save up a lot before you start building. Having a look at different log house designs will also help you find the best log house for you and your family so take your time and look around until you find the perfect one.***

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