New Technology - Unfolding House is Ready To Use In 10 Minutes

This unfolding tiny house may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but the designs for these tiny houses are actually based on home designs that are over 100 years old. Ten Fold Engineering a company based in the United Kingdom has created a small house design that is self-deploying. These houses can transform from a small rectangular unit that fits on the bed of a semi truck into a house that is ready for small house living in ten minutes. The company created a patented lever system to control the counter-based folding linkages which allows the box to pretty much make itself into a home. All the owner needs to do is push a button and then watch the small house unfold. The only work that needs to be done is securing everything into place using a drill. To close everything up before moving, the house is pulled in with a winch. This is all fail-safe, so there is no risk of the house crushing the occupants. The floor must be folded up in order to start the folding up process. Ten Fold even promises on their website - No, it will NOT squash you.

There is even some space to store furniture inside the house once it's compacted. So if you need to move, you just would hire a driver with a truck big enough for the compacted unit and then when you reach your next destination you simply press the button, and the compacted container unfolds to be three times its transport size. All of the fixtures will be ready to go, and all you have to do is arrange your furniture how you want it. The basic small house design is called the U-Box, and it is about 645 square feet when it's unfolded. They also based their designs on nomadic lifestyles as a new interpretation of nomadism where people are usually moving around to find jobs and security. Having a home that would be able to be packed up at a moment's notice to be moved easily and then set up again just as easily would take out a lot of the stress that goes along with moving. Moving is rated as one of the most stressful things in a person's life. So imagine if you didn't have to look for another home or apartment when you got to the new place you moved to. You could simply set up your home that is familiar to you and live in it once again.

These small houses wouldn't just be great for small house living they could also be great for travel and for setting up school rooms and medical offices. They also create affordable housing options when there is a high need for them in this day and age. It also eliminates the need for a typical building site and all of the time and energy it takes to build a regular home. You don't need to worry about foundations, construction vehicles or materials. It can also allow younger people to have a house without owning land. Much like a tiny house on wheels, you could own one of these and just rent out a plot of land to set it up on. They are also great for those who would like to live off the grid. The tiny houses can be outfitted with solar panels, generators, and efficient water solutions. The company was started in 2011, and they have had plenty of funding. One of the units would cost about $130,000, but it's not decided when they will be available to the general public. They do mention hoping to be able to do product deliveries to companies in 2018 though.***

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