PICTURED 'Evidence aliens landed on Earth 1million years ago' being examined in Russia

I used to go fossil-hunting with my grandmother all the time. Usually we just found fossilized aboriginal tools. But sometimes we found dinosaur fossils. You see, there is a beach near where I grew up which is world-renowned for its extensive collection of dinosaur fossils. Once, we found what a handful of experts believed to be an un-hatched egg. So I’m always up for looking at a pile of ‘rocks’ and trying to find something of value. If I happened across a disc-shaped rock, my first impression would not be that it is a fossilized alien spacecraft, but that is exactly what has happened and now ‘Evidence aliens landed on Earth 1million years ago’ being examined in Russia.

A team of ‘alien chasers’ has discovered a ‘fossilized UFO’ which they claim will prove aliens came to earth over one million years (and apparently crashed while they were here). While this oversized boulder has the same appearance as all the other rocks around it in the area (heavily eroded, smooth and disc-like), the team of paranormal Russian researchers called Kosmopoisk are sure the rock’s resemblance to the popularized (and perhaps mythical) disc-shaped-flying-saucers is a sign it must have originated in space (rather than at the bottom of a waterbed, which is from where this particular rock was pulled). The area in which this rock-disc was found – Medveditskaya Ridge, near Volgograd in Russia – is actually renowned for UFO sightings and paranormal activity so, who knows, maybe the people are right… or maybe they’re special.

The group responsible for this find, Kosmopoisk (All-Russian Research Public Organization), is also known as ‘Spacesearch’ and was created by a self-styled group with interests in UFOlogy, cryptozoology and other mystery-investigations. Starting in 1980, it expanded to an international movement in 2001 and in 2004 actually registered, under the name All-Russian Scientific Organization. Most of their activity is in the form of expeditions to sites that are reputed to have extraterrestrial activity (or unusual creatures, such as Big Foot and the Kyshtym dwarf). While it may appear like a sci-fi group, this group does have some heavy-hitters, including aerospace engineer Vadim Chernobrov and astronaut Georgy Beregovoy, as well as science-fiction writing Alexander Kazantsev and about 2,500 other enthusiasts.

Many enthusiasts are eager to jump on-board another UFO-sighting and Scott Waring, editor of UFO Daily Sightings, is no exception. He agrees with the groups initial findings that their disc-rock came from outer space. He says “this disk was measured to be over 1 million years old. It looks to me like the stone disks I’ve seen in Mars NASA photos, which leads me to conclude that this UFO is a military drone, but it was probably damaged during the Mars attack and got off course, crashing on Earth.” Yes, that is EXACTLY what this looks like. Except, no. It doesn’t. To me, it looks like an easily-explainable rock shaped by hundreds or thousands of years at the bottom of a sea. But maybe I’m the crazy one…

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