The First Super Moon Eclipse In 32 Years Happens This Sunday

There are so many events happening continually in our universe and thus, in the sky, that can be visible on clear nights. Like The First Super Moon Eclipse In 32 Years Happened This Sunday! This is the first time since 1982, that this Super Moon Eclipse has happened and it will not happen again until 2033. But don't worry if you didn't catch it in the night sky first hand through your own eyes, either because it may have been too cloudy or maybe you were already in bed by the time it was at it's peak. If you didn't get a chance to see it, there are plenty of places online, where you can watch excellent video footage of it, or see amazing photos of it too. There are plenty of other eclipses throughout the year that you can see as well, solar and lunar. The reason that this one was special, is because the moon was the closest it is all month to the earth, while during a full moon so it looked a lot larger too. The other reason it is so special is because it was the fourth full lunar eclipse in a row, with no other eclipses in between.

Some were associating this blood moon with excerpts from parts of the Bible, professing doom and gloom and the end of the Earth. But this is not the truth. It did however appear to be red in colour, because of the positioning of the sun, moon and earth. These events in the cosmos link us, on Earth, to the rest of the universe, and even when we peer out into the night sky on any night, we are connected to the infinite and vast universe and all that is within it. Astrologically, the moon is the feminine aspect, while the sun is the masculine aspect, so when we have eclipses, the sun, the moon and the earth are all in alignment, which carries the energies of balancing the feminine and masculine energies on Earth.

We all also have both the feminine and masculine energies within us, so, when these events happen in the cosmos, they tend to effect us on a personal level too, "as above so below" so the ancient alchemic sentiment goes. We as humans have a very dualistic nature, which means that we can't have one thing without the other, much like opposites. Meaning that we carry both the masculine and feminine within, as well as dark and light, yin and yang, and so on. So, from an astrological and spiritual standpoint, when there is an event like this, the energy activates in the Earth, like a combination lock being clicked into place, and our inner universe is activated too when our energy is turned onto the events in the cosmos.

Humans have been connecting with the events in the universe since the beginning of time. There were no distractions like TVs and computers at that time, so people looked up to the night sky, and had ceremony at events like this, as well as ceremony around monthly ones, like the new moon and the full moon. Check out the article for more information on this amazing super moon eclipse!

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