Tiny Home for Sale near Jacksonville, FL

About This Tiny House

For sale is a custom built tiny house, that I purchased from kokoonhomes.com as a shell, and completed myself. I lived in the tiny house happily for 2 years with my wife, before we decided to move out to pursue other goals. It is now empty and ready to be made your own.

The tiny house is on a heavy duty dual axle trailer, has trailer brakes, and hitch for truck will be included. I used a 2004 F-150, to move the trailer, albeit slowly. The dimensions are approx 8' wide 20' long 13-14' high. I have not weighed it since completing but my guess is it weighs around 6,000 to 7,000 pounds. The insulation is a closed cell foam insulation rated at R-30. The structure is primarily using metal studs.

The square footage inside is roughly 160 sq feet not including the sleeping loft. Real hardwood floors, and plank walls. The plumbing was done by a professional using PEX, there are two sinks, a 34" x 34" shower, and an RV flushing toilet. The on demand tankless water heater is mounted on the outside above the trailer tongue, where the water in line is located as well. There are seperate lines for black water/grey water. Black water has traditional RV hook-up, while grey water is setup for a garden hose attachment. The electrical work was also done by a licensed professional, who used armored cable. The breaker box is a 60 amp box, but we have run it with just 30amp, with no issues. There are electrical outlets, and light switches throughout. All the lighting is LED. The cooling is done by the thru-the-wall A/C unit that is underneath the built in closet. The fridge is included, and there are hook-ups for a washer/dryer combo that could be utilized if desired. The couch was custom built, and has drawers that pull out from underneath. The hot water heater, and the oven/stove are propane. A 100 pounds propane tank will be included, if interested.

I've tried to include all the pertinent details, but please let me know if you have other questions about the house. If you are a serious buyer, we can set-up an appointment for a viewing. Thanks for looking.


Flush toilet

Metal roof

Steel frame

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