Tiny House For The Rock Climbers

One of the many great things about tiny house building is the creative freedom you have with your small house design. Since tiny houses are an out of the box option to begin with, it's not unusual to see people thinking outside of the box when it comes to the small house design as well. Breck and Kelsey's tiny house on wheels is a great example of this out of the box small house design being put into practice. They created an incredible tiny home that not only includes a garage door but a rock climbing wall on the exterior as well. Since one of the reasons people build tiny houses on wheels is so that they can have more time and money to enjoy their passions, it's perfect that the couple added their passion for rock climbing to the home itself. Living in a tiny house is a great option for those who want to own their own home but don't want to have to pay a lifelong mortgage. All of the extra time they have can be spent doing the things they enjoy. This Mississippi couple decided to have their tiny house built for them by Tiny Heirloom, one of the well-known tiny house building companies in the United States. They came up with the small house design for their tiny house their own though which is why it has all of the cool features you see.

Their tiny house on wheels is 28 feet long which is actually big when it comes to tiny house building. This affords them a lot of space in their home which makes it more comfortable for full-time living. You can build a tiny house up to 30 feet long or as small as 14 feet long or even smaller if you want. Some of the other aspects of the design make small house living quite comfortable including the flat roof which gives them more height inside the house. Since they live in a warmer climate, they were able to use a garage door on the one side of the house, and when the door is opened completely, it really opens up the home to the outside world making the home feel more expansive. Then, on the exterior of the home, the couple implemented the rock climbing wall since they love rock climbing. Instead of having to go to the gym to rock climb they can just practice at home whenever they like. Their tiny house also features a great kitchen and a nice living room space where they can entertain friends.

This tiny house would be considered to be one of the high-end tiny houses on wheels so it may have cost them anywhere up to $90,000. Tiny house building may not seem like it would cost a lot but building and finishing materials all cost a considerable amount of money if you're buying them brand new. If you want to save money you can keep the build really affordable and use upcycled materials. The cost of the tiny house will also depend on if you're building it yourself or having someone build it for you. Tiny house appliances tend to be more costly than regular home appliances too since some of them are speciality items. For example, since you'd be looking to save space in a tiny house a compact all in one washer and dryer would be a great option, but they can cost up to $2,000. Heating units can also be expensive as well as composting toilets. In the long run, a tiny house will end up saving you money though since it costs less overall to live in a tiny house, so it could balance out over time.***

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