You Won't Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off This 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Wonderful Log Home

Here is a beautiful log house plan from House Plans that people are loving. It's called the Sitka Rustic Country Log floor plan, and it has a total of 2,569 square feet. There are 3 full bedrooms and three full bathrooms with a half bathroom too. The home could be built on a standard crawlspace foundation or a basement foundation that's either underground or a walkout basement. It's also good to remember that you can build your home on a basement and finish the basement to build other bedrooms and bathrooms, so you don't have to add more space onto your log house designs. A good way to think about the costs of log home building is that the more corners you have, the more expensive your home will be in the end. Each wall that needs to be built in your home will cost more money especially if they are constructed out of wood with log or shiplap siding on them. This floor plan also features a beautiful kitchen space with a U-shaped countertop space that makes it very functional. The cathedral ceilings in the home are also something to take note of as well as the impressive staircase leading up to the second floor of the home.

There's even a large two-way fireplace which is always a nice feature in a home, providing a nice place to gather around and enjoy the warmth and ambience of the fire. One side of the fireplace is in the living room while the other is in the dining room so you'd be able to enjoy the fire while eating a nice dinner or while relaxing on the sofa after. There's even a screened in porch off of the dining room area which is always nice to have in the summer to keep the bugs away from you. The front view of the home is stunning, with the large log posts and beams as well as the huge windows. This kind of entrance makes for a grand first impression of the home. If you're interested in buying the plans for this home, for the reproducible master plans it costs $1340, and the PDF File Format is also $1340. You can get an 8-Set Package for $870, a 5-Set Package for $730 and a 1-Set Package which is not stamped not for construction for $640.

Take your time when you're choosing a floor plan or design. The design is one of the most important aspects of the log home building process and once you have one that you like the rest of the process should go smoothly. House Plans doesn't sell the actual logs or log home building packages; they only sell the log house designs and floor plans. You will need to hire a company to create your log home building package for you as well as someone to build it for you unless you want to build it yourself. Usually, for larger log home projects like this one, it would be easier to have a company build it for you. For smaller log cabins and homes it is fairly simple to buy a log home package that's been prepared to be assembled with labels on each log and directions on how to build it. Even people with little or no building experience can build these smaller log houses if they are able-bodied. Start out your planning process by looking at other log house designs and seeing which ones are most attractive to you. You can also start sketching out plans of your own to get some ideas flowing and to get the ball rolling on your dream home project.***

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